Receive a Free Reverse Mortgage Quote. Our Technology does the hard work of comparing lenders fees and rates for you!

Comparison shopping top HUD approved reverse mortgage lenders to receive the best quote? RMLD has developed technology that works hard to save you thousands in closing costs/ fees. With our free HECM comparison service, we will compare the HECM quotes then only provide you with the most competitive one to not waste your time.

We are not new to this market for the past three years we have helped thousands of seniors to receive free quotes and to make a decision as to which lender to choose. All decisions are made based on the financial of the deal and not on emotions or backdoor deals.We currently have $0 in debt, and our mission and goal are aligned with the seniors. We have the knowledge of working through thousands of quotes, so we know what to avoid and what to compare between the banks.The number one advice we can give any senior who is seriously considering this as a financial retirement option is to use our free quote comparison service. By doing so, you are securing the best HECM loans. We encourage you to compare the loans we find you to any local lender, or broker you may know. Every single bank will charge a different interest rate depending on the program you choose (Fixed or Adjustable rate).We are not a lender, not bankers, not brokers – this is great news for you as we have no interest in making you choose any one particular reverse mortgage loan (or reverse mortgage bank). We currently have one of the largest networks of HECM reverse lenders who will compete (we check their reverse mortgage interest rates, closing costs, location before connecting them to you), and we only allow for the best HECM quote to reach your inbox.

There are many factors that go into getting the best quote. Most seniors central focus, when getting a reverse mortgage, is to work with someone locally, but this is not the most important factor. Working locally makes sense for a typical mortgage but the differences in quotes for HECM loans is so large that seniors should focus on getting the best deal period (does not have to be a local lender). We have found nationwide lenders who do loans in all states that offer fabulous rates. Choosing the wrong interest rate or offer will cost you tens of thousands of dollars extra over the life of the loan.

The actual HECM reverse mortgage program is insured by FHA (Federal Housing Administration) and they monitor and have restrictions on some fees so that lenders cannot take advantage of seniors.

We recommend not only a number of offers to be made, but that the lenders are off different sizes such as a large company, a broker, and a direct lender. The variety of quotes can add to the complexity of analyzing the offers, but ultimately will result in a better comparison of the market.

Thousands of seniors have trusted Reverse Mortgage Lenders Direct in comparison shopping HECM reverse mortgages over the years. You could technically spend all day calling up top reverse mortgage lenders; there are many hundreds to choose from in any one state. We have existing relationships and technology which allow us to get your quote through multiple banks at a much faster rate (we now compare up to 10 lenders at the same time – best part is that you will not get bombarded with calls/emails since you will only receive the best quote).

In some instances, we can even offer special’s which cannot be found with other lenders directly. We have offered a no fee reverse mortgage loan exclusively through some partners. Current interest rates are still very low, so we urge seniors who are thinking about this option to consider getting a calculated breakdown of how much they qualify for as soon as possible. Interest are expected to increase, and we are off historic lows. We are dedicated to working with large lenders to offer lowest pricing and exclusive offers. Should you find a cheaper quote elsewhere please let us know so we can improve on our quote system. To get a free analysis, please complete the very short form at the top.

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