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Reverse Mortgage Loans can be the solution to retirement, allowing you to live in your property, receive tax free income, and use the money freely with no restrictions. HECM reverse mortgages loans are becoming very popular, since there are so many benefits involved, and since it is specifically designed to help homeowners over the age of 62.

Why is the HECM loan so popular among seniors: 

  • no other program is designed for seniors such as the HECM ( specifically for seniors who want to release equity from their homes)

  • with HECM rates at all time lows the program costs are reduced dramatically

  • no fee reverse mortgage

  • never make a monthly mortgage payment ( only pay for homeowners insurance & taxes )

  • keep ownership of the home

  • allows your heirs to keep the home when you pass & you can sell at any time

  • many programs to choose from all government insured

Who Qualifies for a HECM reverse mortgage?

  1. Be at least 62 years old ( 60 days from your 62nd birthday )

  2. Own the property

  3. must be your primary residence

  4. Have equity ( difference between what your home is worth to the debt/mortgages )

  5. Never have defaulted on government debt

Questions, Concerns With Reverse Mortgage Loans

We receive many potential customers who have a few similar concerns about reverse mortgage home loans, we will go over these questions below, so there is no confusion as to how a reverse loan works.

Q.) Does The Bank Keep The Home Or Own The Home ?

The Bank does not own or keep the property if you decided to take a reverse mortgage. Reverse home loans are federally backed which should create trust in consumers since there is no chance that our federal goverment will default on its responsibilities. Just like a traditional mortgage you own the home, you keep title to the home, and you can sell at any time.

Q.) What Happens Once the Loan Comes Due ?

Reverse mortgages only come due after both borrowers move out for more than 12 months. Also there are no payments to be made with a reverse mortgage, instead youreceive income from the bank.

Q.) How Much Money Can I Get , Does Your Site Have a Reverse Mortgage Calculator?

The money you receive depends mainly on the youngest borrowers age, and also on the property’s equity. We have a reverse mortgage calculator which gives you estimated figures ( pretty accurate ), for more exact figures please call 877 700 0534 or fill out form above.