Jumbo reverse mortgage alternative 2017

Reverse Mortgage Lenders Direct has added a new lender licensed in California and Florida that can provide cash out financing up to 80% with no payments or interest expense, so going forward the balance of your mortgage remains the same.  This loan program pays out much more cash than a Jumbo reverse Mortgage, There are no sky high interest rates, you or your family don’t have to worry about the growing balance on your mortgage and there are no age restrictions.

So if you don’t qualify for a Jumbo reverse mortgage, don’t worry and don’t be disappointed. This loan program will cash you out much more money for less.

To Qualify for this new home loan program, it is required that the home value exceeds $870,000 , that the legal description of the subject be a Single family home. For now, Condo’s, townhouses and duplexes do not qualify.

This is a great home loan for jumbo property owners who can afford their existing home loan, but want to tap into some of the ample equity in their homes without increasing overhead expenses.

In California, anyone living in the San Francisco and surrounding areas can also enjoy a personal visit at your home if you wish to answer all your questions properly.

In Florida, this incredible cash out refinance program is available in:

Pinelas North Port Bradenton & Sarasota Manatee County FL
Sarasota County
Cape Coral Fort Myers Lee County
Miami Fort Lauderdale Broward County
Palm Beach Miami‐Dade County
Boca Raton Palm Beach County
Naples Collier County
Tampa St. Petersburg Hernando County
Clearwater Hillsborough County
Palm Harbor Pasco County
Pinellas County

For additional details on this fabulous new Jumbo Home Lending Program, simply fill out the contact information below and help will be on the way